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ELOoffice 9.0 – Changing the language of ELOoffice

If you want to use ELOoffice with another language than Gernan you can find the required actual UIT files in our download area.

Please proceed as follows:

  • Make sure ELOoffice is closed
  • Save the ZIP file from our downloed area to your PC and unzip the zip file or save the UIT file directly to your computer
  • Rename the old UIT file to be found in the client directory – e.g. to „Elo320_old.UIT“
  • Copy and paste the new UIT file into the client directory (…\Program Files\ELOoffice)
  • Rename the new UIT file to „Elo320.UIT“.
  • Open the file „Elo32.UIT“, which is also located in the client directory. Modify the language entry to represent the language you wish to use, as this means “E” for English, “F” for French etc. If this file does not exist, create a new file using an editor and save the new file as „Elo32.UIT“.The content of this „Elo32.uit“ should read like this for use in the UK:


  • Now you can start your ELO. The selected language should be in use.

Note: When setting up an Elo32.uit please bear in mind that the entries are case sensitive!


Datum: 12. November 2010
Kategorien: ELOoffice 9